If you are looking for a place to spend a weekend on the water, Springbrook Trout Farm can help you with your fishing needs. We know that you want your outdoor activities to be memorable. We offer an extensive selection of services with a wide range of creative ideas to accommodate any events, such as fishing parties, family picnics, company events, team outings, and more. Whether you seek thrills out on the open water or want to throw a fabulous party, we can help you select the type of event that meets all of your specifications. For more information about our services, please give us a call at Springbrook Trout Farm today!

Birthday Parites

Springbrook Trout Farm is the perfect place to host birthday parties and no matter what the occasion is. Our outdoor facility is infused with natural scenery and positive energy to make sure that your guests are ready and excited to party. With the right atmosphere, music, decorations, food, and other features, you can trust that your event will be entertaining and captivating for all of your guests, regardless of age. You can also go fishing, have school field trips, hold family picnics, and more with us. For more information about how you can host a party with us, please contact us at Springbrook Trout Farm today!

Family BBQ

Springbrook Trout Farm is the perfect place for a family barbecue! Come enjoy the serene nature and fresh air in our trout farm. There is no better way to enjoy a barbecue than being surrounded by nature and your loved ones. To make the experience all that more memorable you can also fish for some trout while barbecuing. For more information about reserving a spot for your next family barbecue, contact Springbrook Trout Farm, today!

Educational Tours

Our educational tours are for groups of any kind. We ask for large groups to have extra chaperones to help bait hooks. The typical tour takes an hour with your group eating lunch either before or after your scheduled time. Your tour starts out with one of our staff going over the rules of our farm as well as safety directions for how to handle their fishing pole so nobody gets ‘caught’ by another student. Next, we talk about the life cycle and habitat of a rainbow trout, its predators and what types of predators are found at the farm. We give some history of the trout farms existence and introduce our staff that will be helping them for the day. Our tour guide will then take you to a specific pond and help all students catch one fish. Once students catch their fish, they can play in the playground while they wait for everyone to catch one. Once all the fish are caught, your guide will ‘put to sleep’, gut, and clean every fish, explaining the anatomy of the fish. A favorite part of the tour is to see the fish heart and it’s magic….no spoiler here.
After fish are cleaned, your guide will take you up to our rearing ponds or raceway to see our current fish as we are growing them to one day be in our pond. Students get a chance to feed the fish at this point. Once feeding fish is over, students wash up and either stay for lunch, play on playground, or head home depending on the time. We will bag fish individually and keep in our freezer until it is time to go.

Terms and conditions

  • Anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the waver before entering the premises
  • Everyone who come needs to sign the waver
  • When fishing do not over shoulder cast
  • Be careful when walking
  • Do not eat the natural growing plants
  • Do not let your children run in the parking lot
  • There are wild animals on premises do not touch give them space
  • There is private property on premises please do not enter them
  • The only places you are allowed to go is the park and ponds

Please sign the waver to enter

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